Stop workplace incidents before they start. Reduce employee-related risk.

Phishnoo simplifies cybersecurity awareness training with a user-friendly platform. Our realistic Social Engineering simulations measurably improve employee resilience, by creating a strong human firewall.

Phishnoo empowers employees to actively defend against cyber threats. Train your employees to be the firewall, not the vulnerability

Phishnoo’s 360-degree approach transforms employees into your strongest cyber defense. Build unbreakable cybersecurity habits with Phishnoo’s comprehensive skills training across every level.

Level Up! Training with Progress Trackers

Phishnoo combines best practices and policies with gamification for a learning experience that sticks.

User-Friendly Design Meets Powerful Real-Time Defense

Secure and productive employees with active reporting defense in real time.

P-Shield™ CyberSafe Index

The P-Shield™ Index measures your organization's human firewall strength. Pinpoint vulnerabilities, improve awareness, and reduce cyber risk.

AI-enhanced Automated Social Engineering Simulations

Empower employees with personalized training that requires minimal oversight.

Proactive Security Alerts

Empower your team with a cybersecurity mindset: news updates, emerging tech, and proactive best practices

Build a Cyber-Responsible Employee Culture

Phishnoo's Cybersecurity Risk Reduction Practices safeguard privacy and data, creating measurable better security outcomes

Security Without Sacrifice: Clients Trust Phishnoo For Ease & Effectiveness

Phishnoo Understands the Needs of Employers and Top Level Management

Hassle-free setup, an intuitive platform, measurable results and unmatched expert support make cybersecurity simple.

Employees Feel Empowered and Supported

Employees gain confidence, and feel empowered to protect the company while seamlessly fitting the training into the workday gaining knowledge in ways that stick.

Awareness is the foundation, but continuous training builds a true human firewall

Don’t wait for an attack. Phishnoo proactively prepares your employees to defend against ever evolving cyber threats.

Passive Social Engineering Awareness Training


Strengthen your client relationships with guaranteed cyber resilience, powered by Phishnoo.

Our cyber resilience training integrates seamlessly and  streamlines your solutions, expands your services, and strengthens client loyalty.



The Human Firewall Factory

NooPhish Academy is your gateway to advanced cybersecurity knowledge. Develop essential skills, cultivate a threat-aware mindset, and become the cyber defense hero your organization relies upon

Ready to Strengthen Your Human Firewall?