The P-Shield Cyber Hygiene Index™

Eliminate the guesswork in your security training. Focus on actionable lessons and track measurable improvements in your organization’s cyber resilience with the P-Shield Cyber Hygiene Index™ 

Equip your employees with essential knowledge through snack-sized training sessions. Visually see your organization’s cyber hygiene improve as Phishnoo empowers employees to be a trained human-firewall.

Level-up awareness with engaging, snack-sized training sessions.

Phishnoo’s P-Shield Cyber Hygiene Index™ motivates employees with interactive training that offers graduated challenges for continuous improvement. Advanced learning techniques rooted in behavioral science and gamified interactive elements generate a proven lasting impact.

Focused microlearning sessions with time tracking to encourage follow-through.

Phishnoo levers actionable tips and tricks, making sure essential cyber hygiene skills are delivered with clarity and efficiency.

Blending behavioral neuroscience insights with gamified learning

Cutting-edge employee motivation strategies rooted in behavioral science, with tangible rewards and recognition for success.

Grounded in established scientific principles maximizing results

Phishnoo builds your organizations human-firewall with a scientifically-rooted Security Awareness solution merging educational psychology, behavioral neuroscience, and deep cyber hygiene knowledge.

Achieve milestones and earn tangible rewards

Phishnoo demonstrates your organization's cybersecurity awareness by employees completing milestones and earning badges. Measuring individual employee, teams and full-organization progress at a glance.

Ready to boost your organization's cyber hygiene?