Work Smarter, Not Harder - Maximize Security With Effortless Phishing Simulations

Dramatically reduce your cybersecurity risk with Phishnoo’s automated, AI-driven simulations. Eliminate manual effort while empowering employees to spot and resist phishing and smishing threats.

Experience the power of an AI that continuously learns and evolves.

Harness the Power of AI for Unmatched Cyber Resilience: How Phishnoo Transforms Your Defenses

In today’s rapidly evolving threat landscape, traditional cybersecurity training falls short. Phishnoo’s AI revolutionizes your organization’s defenses, delivering proactive protection and empowering employees as your first line of defense. Here’s how:

  • Intelligent Automation: Gone are the days of generic, one-size-fits-all simulations. Phishnoo’s AI analyzes real-world attack data, crafting hyper-realistic phishing and smishing simulations that pinpoint vulnerabilities and target training based on individual employees’ risk profiles.

  • Data-Driven Insights: The AI continuously gathers and analyzes employee behavior, providing actionable metrics that inform your entire security strategy. Identify high-risk areas, cleanse with automatically tailored awareness campaigns.

  • Adaptive, Personalized Training: Phishnoo’s AI continuously adapts training content, adjusting difficulty and focus based on employees’ performance. This individualized approach ensures knowledge gaps are addressed, building strong cyber reflexes and fostering lasting and natural behavior change.

Experience the Phishnoo Difference: Proactive threat mitigation, reduced risk, measurable improvements in employee awareness, and the peace of mind that comes with knowing your organization is better prepared than ever before.

Measurable Behavioral Change Through Precision-Crafted Social Engineering Simulations.

Phishnoo offers a multifaceted approach to security awareness, designed to both diminish cybersecurity workloads and mitigate evolving phishing threats. Our solution seamlessly integrates simulations, Trainings & Checkpoints, Active Reporting, and Threat Intelligence, Measurable by your P-Shield Cybersafe Index™


P-Shield Cybersafe Index™

Experience a dynamic training approach where practice and simulations reinforce essential skills. Equip employees to identify and resist real-world threats, measurably improving their P-Shield Cybersafe Index™

AI-driven for personalized training delivery.

Automate phishing simulations and let AI handle the heavy lifting. Benefit from campaigns that evolve alongside threats, optimizing training effectiveness with each interaction.

Content designed to resonate with your employees

Experience the power of realistic simulations that mirror current attack tactics.

Extend your security awareness to combat SMS threats.

Smishing is on the rise. Prepare your employees with targeted training

Measurable results with clear return on investment.

Phishnoo delivers proven Security Awareness results from the start. Our clear data-driven approach ensures success from day one.

Phishnoo's 360 degree training goes beyond awareness, employees will recognize and resist evolving threats on all levels ensuring maximum cyber hygiene

Achieve more with less effort. Phishnoo delivers targeted training and social engineering simulations customized to each single employee exponentially strengthening your organization’s human-firewall , maximized training impact and measurably improving their P-Shield Cybersafe Index™

Understand targeted training

Phishnoo's AI powered algorithm pinpoints knowledge gaps, offering targeted training that reduces workload and maximizes cyber hygiene.

Understand P-Shield Cyber Index™

Track both employee and organizational cybersecurity progress with the P-Shield Cybersafe Index™. Phishnoo leverages all input data to predict and prevent future cyber threats.

Understand Phishnoo

Simulations and education combined enhance your organization's cyber hygiene as part of Phishnoo's multifaceted strategy that includes social engineering training, vulnerability checks, incident reporting, and cyber threat updates.

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